Type: Mixed-Use 

Location: Chenggong, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Scope: CBD Masterplan Concept

Status: Invited Competition 

Year: 2016

Client: Cking Group & Yunnan TV

Site Area: 17.8 ha

GFA: 822,830 sqm

In Collaboration: Shenzhen BCCI

Yunnan, China 云南,中国

Kunming Metropolitan 昆明城区规划

Chenggong CBD District 呈贡核心区

Chenggong CBD District 呈贡核心区




Spatial Framework 空间框架

The Kunming CBD Masterplan is a mixed-use development to kick-start long-time the 'Ghost Town' Chenggong new CBD district. The original overall Kunming Metropolitan City Masterplan was to create four distinctive CBD urban cores including Chenggong New Town. Chenggong New Town as a new development did not quite lifted off and prosper like many China second tier city and also like many China cities, it became known as 'Ghost Town'. In 2016, the completion of the High-Speed Rail Station or also known as the Pan-Asia Railway Network which connects South East Asia with the Greater China Region will become an important catalyst for the future development. The project is located in a prominent area the planned CBD urban core area roughly the size of Melbourne CBD following the planning principle of a walkable compact city

Illustrative Masterplan 彩色总平

Chenggong district is located next to the Dianchi Lake a primary distinctive tourism zone and urban geological landmark for Kunming.  As the Haigeng tourism area established itself as a main tourism spot for Kunming and using the old Urban core as a service zone for its tourism activities at Dianchi. The Dayu new tourism zone which is right next the Chenggong core district will be establish in similar contextual relationship and provided the new High-Speed Railway station will become the main driver of visitors from other parts of China. The masterplan project sites forms a critical connecting threshold between the main Chenggong Commercial avenue and the core cultural entertainment district.    

Development Zoning 发展分区 

The Kunming Media City proposal is to create a future Retail, Cultural, Arts & Entertainment district in the new Chenggong CBD area. The three primary concerns in regards to the masterplanning of the projects are the overall development framework, identity & branding and finally the quality of urban space. The proposed development framework is based on following the successful principles outlined for tourism urban development in Singapore. 

Development Framework 发展框架

The masterplan area consist of seven urban blocks of the CBD area. The external spatial intention of the project is to connect the main commercial green corridor to the South and the green plazas in the entertainment district area to the north.  The internal spatial framework proposed to complete the connection of all seven blocks including connection to the exiting Yunnan TV Media Headquarters with pedestrian bridges and increase the permeability of individual blocks for better pedestrian flow. 

Retail Strategic Plan 商业策略平面

The design concept is to create a multi-layered urban landscape deck as a centre piece of the project and the connecting piece to link up all the public domains from north to south. The landscape inspirations is derived from the beautiful colors of the Yunnan landscape picturesque helping to strengthen the overall tourism image of Kunming and provide a quality urban carpet for the retail & entertainment district. The architecture of the park like landscape deck also takes inspirations from the traditional urban villages from Yunnan countryside.

Sectional Concept.jpg

As Yunnan is part of a subtropical monsoon climate, the spatial design concept draws from modern tropical building design from Singapore and South East Asian Cities with similar climate. The design principles includes creating communal sky garden space in high-rise buildings opening up lobbies and shared corridor to outdoor space. 

Functional Analysis 建筑功能分析

Sectional Perspective 框架部面