Functional Analysis 建筑功能分析

Type: Public Park Regeneration  

Location: Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, China

Scope: Masterplan Concept

Status: Shortlisted  

Year: 2015

Client: Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation

Site Area: 25 ha

GFA: 6,500 sqm

In Collaboration: Under LWK & Partners (Planning Team & Landscape Team)

Award: Design Merit AwardHong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects 2016


 Shanghai, China 上海,中国

Minhang, 闵行区

Caohejing Hi-Tech Park,  漕河泾新兴技术开发区

Existing Power-Line Urban Corridor 現狀高壓走廊



Design Inspiration 设计灵感

Design Inspiration 设计灵感

Illustrative Masterplan 彩色总平

First pier cities in China such as Shanghai are beginning to run out of vacant land supply yet the demand for new urban functions and programs are now beyond existing structure & buildings. The Caohejing Park project is located within the few remaining large scale industrial areas located within Shanghai metropolitan area. The old industrial zone was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government to become an APEC international science and technology industrial park in 2000. The industrial park has since undergone urban transformation from old industrial function to a second generation Business Park in the 1998. The Industrial Park is currently working with companies specialized in information technology, biotech and healthcare, new materials, high-end equipment (including aeronautics), automotive, clean energy and tertiary sector services (including financial services, telecom networking, and business process outsourcing)  As the world is entering into a new era knowns as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, again there is new demand for spaces for Research and Development and incubation centres. 

Development Framework 發展藍圖

The actual project is located on four separate blocks on a large open green corridor space for the accommodation of an Overhead Power-line with large visually obscure power pylons . The previous landscape design strategy for the park was simply to thicken the existing vegetation in attempt to cover the visual impact of the Overhead Power-lines. In 2015, a new masterplan framework was completed by RTKL for the Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation. The masterplan redefined new use for urban edges and public opens spaces and especially focused on the transformation of the Overhead Power-line Green Corridor into a significant public realm as a catalyst for the core area. The existing park will be unable to serves its purpose in its current state as Overhead Powerlines are often associated with danger and poor health and with the previous design strategy to hide and close up the open space

Development Zoning 发展分区 

Our main question for the Caohejing Urban Park is how should the area be transformed in such a way it would attract people to this place rather than repel them. Our design concept firstly was to change the Power Pylons into landmarks through artistic interpretation of the structures. Instead of attempting to minimize the impact of these overwhelming structure, we proposed to open it up to become a way-finding device for the area. Thirdly, we proposed to celebrate the power pylons as symbol of energy transfer, supply and consumption of the contemporary urban societies and also proposed further to create an educational centre for demonstration of renewable energy such as Solar, Winds, Hydro & Bio-energy sources

Our Vision for the public space is that it would become an important public realm of the Caohejing Hi-Tech Industrial Park to attract future investment, entreprenuers, innovations for new emerging industries. 

Mega Trends 大趋势