Type: Retail Design

Location: Tianjin, China

Scope: Interior Design Concept

Status: Shortlisted Competition 

Year: 2017

Client: SOHO Vtia 

Site Area: 57,193 sqm

GFA: 71,258 sqm

Nanjing, Jiangning District

Nanjing, Jiangning District

Concept Sketch

Concept Sketch




Tianjin Atrium Mall_Page_12b.jpg

The project site is located in 1km east of the West Station of Tianjin. The entire mixed-use complex will serve as a future hub for business associations from Taiwan along with well-known taiwanese brands. The vision for the shopping is to create a multi-cultural retail experience. The project is surrounding by a few creative industrial park. The design inspirations originally comes from known cultures of taiwan with a mixture of art movements to create a new kind of atmosphere to enhance the retail experience. 

Tianjin Atrium Mall_Page_13c.jpg

From our design research into the Taiwanese culture to find concepts, movements or artifacts of interest. An interesting event which take place every year in Taiwan is the sky lantern festival. The sky lantern has traditionally been a culture of the greater china and historically small hot air balloons been used strategically in wars. The people of Taiwan now writes their wishes and dreams in the sky lantern for release towards the night sky. The other elements which is shared amongst the Greater China is bamboo weaving patterns which is a popular crafting technique for daily accessories. Theses elements 

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In the contextual reality, almost the entire length of the building is hidden behind other buildings and fences of vacant site in adjacent. The design task is to create a visual identity in the area with minimal pedestrian and vehicular traffic with the only remaining 110m street frontage.The street frontage is also covered by a thick linage of existing trees and foliage vegetation, therefore only the actual entrances of the site gives only glimpse of the building. The second issue is the vehicular ramp for trucks to access the loading and unloading bay on the second level of the project. The vehicular ramp becomes an visual obstacle to the street frontage of the main building facade. The design approach is to create an multi-layered edge to maximize the visual impact on the street frontage.